Jobeth Taylor was born September 24,1957 in Lady of the Lake Hospital to Dixie & Jim Taylor. Her parents were young, and her dad was still playing tiger football at LSU in Baton Rouge, La. In 1958 she moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin due to her dad being drafted to play pro football for the Packers. She experienced an exciting 9 years there until her family decided to leave the cold and snowy city to settle back close to home. She moved to Metairie, La in 1967 when her father began playing for a new football team called the New Orleans Saints. This was where Jobeth grew up since 5th grade and became the artist she is today.  

She took a couple of years in private oil painting at David School of Art during junior high school. Then she went to LSU in Baton Rouge to study Fine Arts; from there she concluded her studies at the Art Institute of Atlanta, GA by 1979 with an Interior Design degree.  Freelance working as an artist and Interior Designer she became certified and licensed in La since 1985 to date.  Her specialty is in acrylic painting of wall murals, but does custom commissioned art work on other various areas such as ceramic tiles, glassware, gourds, clothing and linens. This brings her to an exciting place in her life as the mother of two daughters, and grandmother of two grandsons.

Her oldest daughter, Melissa Ortiz (32 years) and other family members have encouraged her to create a very personalized painting party business in peoples own homes! Instead of going to the studio, it is brought to you for a more comfortable and "Taylor Made Designed" experience! So this is how Mobile-Masterpieces was born! Also, please see her gallery of Interior Design work and custom mural job.